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McDonald’s: More Influence Than Christianity?

There’s no question that McDonald’s restaurants have enormous influence in our culture. Some sources indicate that Ronald McDonald is the most widely recognized name among small children, and when the sign says “billions served” you can count on it. That kind of influence in the culture is the Holy Grail for business leaders. I was thinking about that recently during a conversation with David Kinnaman of The Barna Group. David mentioned that according to their research, for every McDonald’s in America, there are roughly Read the full article »

Who Exactly Is Your Audience?

In one chapter of the fascinating new book by Frank Viola and Leonard Sweet - “Jesus: A Theography,” they raise some interesting points concerning Jesus’ audience. Even though He engaged the Rabbis on a regular basis, they make it clear His main audience wasn’t religious leaders. He wasn’t trying to persuade or convert the Jewish establishment because they didn’t respect his credentials or authority. Jesus focused on the common people. That’s why he spent so much time in villages, rather than the major towns of the region.  In fact, Viola and Sweet point out that Read the full article »

How Great Leaders Inspire Action

If you haven’t seen this you should.  It’s been viewed on various platforms more than seven million times.  Simon Sinek speaking at a Ted Conference on how leaders inspire action.  Especially if you’re a leader of a nonprofit or religious organization, you need to turn off the distractions, sit down, and take 18 minutes to view this:

Is Convenience Ruining The Church?

In my upcoming book, “Unique: Telling Your Story in The Age of Brands and Social Media,” I tell the story of a pastor who never preaches for more than 12-15 minutes because he feels that’s all he can demand of his audience. Today, many churches across the country are slaves to the clock, and wouldn’t think of pushing a service past the hour mark. Last week I was in Nevada shooting some television segments with Pastor Benny Perez from The Church at South Las Vegas. We started talking about the “convenience” culture that’s Read the full article »

What is Blocking Positive Change In Your Organization?

Recently we polled a number of organizations across the country and asked them “What is the biggest obstacle to positive change in your business or organization?”  We discovered the answer is poor leadership.  It’s the #1 obstacle to change in most organizations. What does that mean? I believe a visionary leader is the single most important issue in making organizational change happen. You can have a great team in place, the best funding, the right resources, and more, but without great leadership, Read the full article »

Where’s the Place That Inspires You?

For most people, geography impacts inspiration. There are extraordinary places on the planet that spark our imaginations and light up our creativity. The problem is, most people never think about “location” when it comes to creativity.  Trust me – high performing creative people know the places that inspire them. For novelist Stephen King, it’s Durham, Maine, where he grew up in the 60’s. For poet Langston Hughes, it was the jazz clubs of Harlem. For Toy Inventor A.C. Gilbert, it’s the train line in Connecticut.  For me, it’s the area around  Read the full article »

What I Learned from African Media Professionals

Recently, Kathleen and I had the opportunity to be the keynote speakers at the annual conference for the Association of Christian Media in Johannesburg, South Africa. We had about 150 leaders in attendance, and some had to be turned away. The attendees represented a wide range of communicators across Africa, from radio, TV, print, Internet, social media, and more. The attendance was the largest in the organization’s history, and as usual, the incredible experience taught me a few things about using the media to share our faith with the world: Read the full article »

Ambition and Intentional Living

Recently, Kathleen and I visited the Huntington Library, Gardens, and Art Collection in Pasadena.  Founded by Henry and Arabella Huntington, their mansion was transformed in a museum after their death in 1927.  Among other outstanding collections, it has an incredible hall of British portraits.  As I walked through the galleries of the political, artistic, social, and military leaders featured in the portraits, I saw serious “intention” in their faces.  They lived their lives strategically and with purpose.  They didn’t leave much to chance when it came to ambition and career goals.  As I studied the paintings of military generals, writers and artists, business and government leaders, I wondered about the place of ambition in my own life.  What would have happened had I Read the full article »

What is the Future of Christian Media?

I’m working on a book on the future of Christian media and I’d love to know your thoughts.

Will Christian media (particularly radio and TV) exist in 5-10 years?

Will it look like it does today? Will it be effective?

What will it look like?
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