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Episode 23: Crisis Public Relations: What Happens When Things Go Wrong

Download episode 23: Crisis Public Relations: What Happens When Things Go Wrong (35 MB).

Although this podcast episode was originally produced a few years ago, it’s still a good reminder of the importance of handling public relations problems well.  In this episode, I discuss “Crisis PR” – what do you do when something bad happens to your company, non-profit, or religious organization. It’s a short, information packed look at how to respond during a crisis, especially in the digital age. Learn how to respond effectively, and win back the public’s trust.

Episode 51: The Risks of Online Counseling & Mentoring

Download episode 51 The Risks of Online Counseling & Mentoring (49MB)

In a digital world, more and more people are giving advice online.  But what are the ethical and legal risks?  In this podcast, Phil Cooke discusses the recent court decisions regarding digital information and how little is actually “private.”

Episode 50: Please Stop Interrupting

Download episode 50 please stop interrupting (28MB)

Some say that interrupting is “verbal shoving.”  Find out Phil Cooke’s perspective on people who constantly interrupt.

Episode 48: When Teamwork Doesn’t Work

Download episode 48 when teamwork doesn’t work (21MB)

There’s a time for teams, and a time to shut the door and get to work.  Learn from Phil Cooke which is which.

Episode 47: Perception: The Key To Creativity

Download episode 47 perception: the key to creativity (22MB)

Neurological research has yielded some amazing new insights into creativity.

Episode 46: Catalysts-Critical People To Innovation

Download episode 46 catalysts-critical people to innovation (18MB)

Not everyone is highly creative or artistic – some of us are “catalysts”. Find out more about these critical people to the process of innovation.

Episode 45: Hiring for Profit Employees in a Nonprofit World

Download episode 45 hiring for profit employees in a nonprofit world (33MB)

During this difficult economy, we’re seeing more and more for-profit executives moving into the non-profit world.  Is it a good idea?  Find out the potential hazards of hiring for-profit leaders for non-profit organizations.

Episode 44:The Power Of A Name

Download episode 44 the power of a name (17MB)

Your organization’s name is the first thing people see, and in an
easily distracted, A.D.D. world, it may be your only opportunity to
make an impact.  Discover why a name can be so critical to your success.

Episode 43:Where Are Your Boundaries?

Download episode 43 Where Are Your Boundaries? (12MB)

Phil Cooke explores boundaries in our professional and personal lives.

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