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Be Honest: Ever Feel Addicted to Being Online?

The American Psychiatric Association is focusing more and more attention to our online behavior – some might say “addiction.”  For instance, they’ve officially recommended “Internet-use Gaming Disorder” for further study.  I’m a contributor to Fast Company magazine, and they recently did a reader poll and discovered that 47.5% of their readers admitted to feeling addicted to the Internet. Perhaps a more revealing look at people’s behavior is the question of what people are willing to give up to spend more time online: Read the full article »

If You Love Jesus, “Like” This Post

The title of this post is one of the dumbest, most worthless phrases I see in social media today. It’s a cheap, easy way to jack up your “likes” without offering any real substance whatsoever. I’m ranting, because I see it used way too often on the social media pages of churches, nonprofits, and ministries. First – it’s puts the viewer in an awkward position: “What? Of course I love Jesus, so I must “like” it.”  But are you really engaging the viewer? Are they viewing your content, watching your videos, or participating in your online project?  Second – Read the full article »

Internet Filters Don’t Always Work

Here’s a rather funny example of why Internet filtering has to be tweaked.


Tweeting Tips for Nonprofit and Church Leaders

Scanning the Twitter feeds of nonprofit and religious leaders, it’s pretty easy to see that most have little or no knowledge of how to connect online. From boring Tweets like “I’m at Starbucks having a latte,” to subtly patting yourself on the back (“Praise God, we had 6,000 cars in the lot this Sunday!”)  you’re driving people away when you should be sharing your story and connecting it with others. So here’s a few tips to get your social media life back on track: Read the full article »

Is Email Taking Over Your Life?

During a film shoot in Tucson, Arizona for a new Internet project, I woke up at 4am unable to sleep.  So as millions do when our sleep is interrupted, I got up and started wading through my cluttered email inbox.  Email consumes enormous amounts of time (some studies indicate that 40% of a typical employee’s day is spent sending and receiving email).  Yet we rarely think about strategies to use it more effectively.  In addition, research shows that a significant amount of email is misinterpreted, leading to embarrassment and sometimes being fired.  A few simple guidelines can keep you from wasting enormous time, and protect you from humiliation, frustration, and even legal issues.  So try out these ideas and see if you can begin to gain some ground in the daily email war: Read the full article »

Do You Have a Social Media “Friend” Who Annoys You? Dump Them.

When Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Goodreads, or other social media platforms became available, most of us jumped on them with great excitement. We “friended” everyone we could find. But now, months or years later, we all have “friends” that annoy the heck out of us. Maybe they’re obsessive about one thing, or they just have weird rants, or feel their one purpose in life is to criticize whatever you post. Here’s the answer: Read the full article »

Leaders – Don’t Forget that “Social Media” is SOCIAL

It may seem obvious, but I’ve found that too many leaders and their organizations think that by posting on blogs, Twitter, Facebook, or other sites on a regular basis, they’re engaging in social media. But afterwards, if you’re not responding back to what your followers are saying, you couldn’t be more mistaken. Let me give you a great example of how one company gets it right:   Read the full article »

Does Traditional Media Have a Future?

Check out my interview with Scott Spiewak, writing on the Vaughn Street blog about The Future of Traditional Media.
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10 Rules for Start Up Web (or Media) Companies

Matthew Phillips pointed out this list from Evan Williams blog on “10 Rules for Web Startups”.  It’s been around for awhile, but the list is still right on. Truth is, sounds like most are good rules for starting up any media company.  I’d love to hear your thoughts. What’s your experience?
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Governor Mark Sanford: Email is Not Your Friend

One of the most surprising revelations to come out of the Mark Sanford sexual affair with a woman from Argentina is the exposure of their romantic email correspondence.   Let me be very clear:  When you type an email, once you hit “SEND,” you’ve lost control of that message.  You have absolutely no idea where it will end up, who will read it, and how it might be used against you.  Attorneys will tell you that in a legal case, the first thing the other side demands
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