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Multi-Camera Video Directors in Church – Why It Shouldn’t Be a Volunteer

There are many churches today that are shooting their worship services, concerts, and other events with multiple cameras. Whether you have a broadcast media ministry or not, it’s not unusual to use multiple cameras and switch them live for the IMAG screens, DVD sales, or eventual TV broadcasts. But in more and more churches and ministries, I’m seeing a disturbing trend that devalues the multi-camera director. Sometimes it’s the Read the full article »

The Future of Christian Television

Here’s my interview with the Think International team on the future of Christian television.  I’d love to know your reaction:

What’s The Future of Television for Sharing the Christian Message?

Recently I was interviewed by Charisma magazine on the relevance of using television as a tool for sharing the Christian message. In a world where most churches, ministries, and nonprofits are moving to the Internet, why think about TV anymore? I thought you might be interested in my answers. Let me know what you think: Read the full article »

National Religious Broadcasters Conference Begins

I just arrived in Nashville at the NRB Conference, hosted by the Opryland Hotel. We flew in on the flight from Los Angeles having met up with the contingent of Christian broadcasters from Australia. If you’re on the fence, and can get here this weekend, I would urge you to come. Regardless of what you think about the event, it’s still the only place where the majority of Christian media professionals gather in one place for the week. You can check out the conference and schedule here. There are plenty of highlights. I’ll be doing
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Jesus Junk

This blog first appeared as an column in the June issue of Charisma Magazine:

My alarm goes off at 5:50 sharp every morning, so I drag myself out of bed and head to the garage where I keep my exercise equipment and treadmill. While working out, I often turn on various TV channels to keep track of the early morning round of TV evangelists. I’ve been producing Christian television programming for thirty years now, and I’m still amazed – and often shocked – at the junk some evangelists pitch on television.
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