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Five Commandments for Becoming a Media Savvy Pastor

As a media consultant, I have the opportunity to help some of the largest churches and ministries in the country create effective, high quality media outreaches. In most cases, they are experienced, committed Christian leaders who understand the value and the power of the media.  But I also have the opportunity to spend time with less experienced pastors and ministry leaders who feel just as called to use media in a meaningful way, but have serious questions like:  Read the full article »

Online Communion: Is It Cutting Edge or Heretical?

The Wall Street Journal did a fascinating story this weekend on the challenge Central United Methodist Church in Concord (northeast of Charlotte) experienced when they launched an online campus that included streaming worship services, webcam Bible studies, counseling via live chat and a dedicated online pastor. Things were going fine until Read the full article »

Should Donors Be Upset About The New Crystal Cathedral Owners Removing Their Names?

Now that Pastor Robert Schuller’s Crystal Cathedral has been sold to the Catholic Church, big changes are happening. For instance, it’s being reported that a walkway constructed of bricks with engraved names of Crystal Cathedral donors is being pulled up to make way for new landscaping. Although the new owners are making the bricks available to donors who would like to claim them, it’s still causing an Read the full article »

Pope Benedict’s Retirement: Are Church and Nonprofit Leaders Watching?

I was so impressed by the retirement announcement from Pope Benedict, that for a minute or two, I almost became a Catholic. His courage in facing the reality of declining health, potentially poor decision making, and the toll on his psyche was admirable. In spite of the pressure (no Pope has retired in 600 years) he had the integrity to make the right decision. Now contrast that with many pastors, ministry, and nonprofit leaders. With media ministries, they stay on the air way past their ability to not embarrass themselves. They fumble around, say inappropriate things, and generally make the Church look foolish to the world. Long time pastors aren’t much different. They Read the full article »

Leaders: Is A Member of Your Team Holding You Back?

I write a lot on this blog about freelancers, creatives, and vendors who work for large organizations.  But on this post I want to deal with organizations themselves.  One large organization needed to hire an advertising agency, so they interviewed and evaluated five choices. The leadership team made the final decision, so after careful consideration it was decided by a majority which agency would be best. However, the organization’s communications director – the in-house person who would be the point person with the agency, didn’t like the choice. He wanted another agency he knew and was more comfortable with, but he had to abide by the leadership team’s decision.  However, Read the full article »

Why Some Pioneering Christian Media Ministries Survived

So in the wake of my last post on why so many pioneering Christian media ministries collapsed, why did some others survive? What did they have that others didn’t? Did God just bless them more, or are there identifiable traits that we could focus on and learn for the future. I think the latter’s true, and here’s a few thoughts why some pioneering media ministries have not just survived, but thrived: Read the full article »

Direct Response: The 90 Day Plan

I’ve had numerous conversations with direct marketer and donor development expert Mary Hutchison about what happens right after a person sends your church, ministry, or non-profit organization their first donation.  Like most things in life, first steps matter.  Mary responded with what she calls “The First 90 Days” – it’s an interesting look at how important your follow up really is.  If you have a humanitarian or non-profit organization, pass this around to your team and discuss.  Here’s Mary’s thoughts:
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E-Salvation? Can it Happen in the Media?

A few months ago, I wrote about how direct response expert Mary Hutchinson had a sad experience writing to a few dozen broadcast ministries and asking for information about salvation.  As I reported here, the responses were pretty lame.  Well, now, Mary’s taken the next step.  Here’s what she told me:
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Is Experience The Biggest Obstacle to Change?

According to Vijay Govindarajan, a professor at Dartmouth College, businesses often overestimate the value of experience.  In fact, he says experience can actually be a liability during challenging times of change.  From my standpoint, I’ve seen that exhibited many times, usually in the guise of “We’ve never done it that way before.”  Or, “That would never work here.”  I’m a huge supporter of the value of experience, but when you view the world exclusively from that perspective, it can be a liability.  I was invited to meet with the leadership team from a major media ministry a few years ago, and although they were at a serious crisis point, I felt the ship could have been turned.  But every time I made a recommendation, I heard the same response, “That would never work here.”

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Giving to Get: A Prosperity Update

Many TV evangelists are rich because of greed. But not their greed. It’s our greed. An earlier generation donated money to help those in need. Growing up, my mother taught us about those “less fortunate” and we gave because the Bible expressed great concern about the poor and suffering. But as I grew up, a concept came along that turned giving on its head.
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