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Does Your Business Card Have a Bible Verse on the Back?

At a Christian media seminar recently, someone asked what I thought of having a Bible verse on the back of their business card. I’ve been asked similar questions recently, and it brings up something worth discussing. Here was my answer (and I’d love to know your reaction): Read the full article »

When Business and Ministry Collide

We must reject the idea – well-intentioned, but dead wrong – that the primary path to greatness in the social sectors is to become “more like a business.”
– Jim Collins, author of Good To Great

The idea that a church, ministry, or non-profit must run like a business has gained enormous momentum in the last two decades.  The world is exploding with business books by a variety of gurus and supposed “experts,” and as a result, business thinking has become accepted dogma in religious organizations.  I’ve always been an advocate of this development, because over the years, after working with more than 1,000 churches and ministries worldwide, I’ve discovered that frankly, religious organizations are often the worst run operations on the planet.

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