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When a Leader Uses Profanity

Last week I had the opportunity to contribute to an article on CBS Moneywatch on the subject of using profanity at work. It happens so much these days in the workplace, here’s a few other points that might be worth mentioning:  Read the full article »

The Secret for Really Connecting with People

Early in my career, a high level executive and mentor gave me a piece of advice I’ve never forgotten: “Care about a client’s kids, and they’ll be your client for life.” I was reminded of that on Friday night when Kathleen and I visited with Mark Jeske, Milwaukee pastor and speaker from Time of Grace Ministries. Mark was speaking at an event in LA, and we went over to his hotel to catch up. Once we sat down, one of his first questions was about our daughters: “How are Kelsey and Bailey?” Mark has only met Bailey once briefly, and never Kelsey. But it was the Read the full article »

Six Things That Can Hide Bad Leadership

Over the years, I’ve encountered some terrible leaders – many times in situations where their employees and coworkers actually thought they were a genius. Maybe you’ve experienced that as well. I started thinking I was an idiot, and it bothered me for a long time, until I realized that there are some key situations and cultures to watch for in organizations that can actually hide bad leadership.  Here’s the six most damaging: Read the full article »

Leading Versus “Taking Charge”

A few years ago I consulted with the media department of a major, national organization. The woman in charge of the department went to great lengths to let everyone know that she was just that – in charge.  She was demanding, highly opinionated, and never missed an opportunity to remind her team of her title and position. The problem was, Read the full article »

The Five Missing Ingredients In Great Teams

I consider Kem Meyer one of the finest church communications directors in the country – if not the best. She understands the importance and value of communicating a message across multiple platforms, and if you haven’t read her book “Less Clutter Less Noise” then you should. I asked her about leading her communications and media team at Granger Community Church, and here’s what she told me: Read the full article »

Great Leaders Define Reality

It’s hard to believe, but “reality” is difficult to come by in many organizations today. In a multitude of ways, the truth of a situation may be obscured by inadequate information, a leader’s insecurity or bias, incompetent team members, an elephant in the room, or many other things. That’s one of the greatest reasons a leader is so important. It’s his or her job to clean the glass so the team can get a clear look at Read the full article »

Are You A Strong or Weak Leader?

Look over this short checklist to see how you measure up on the strength of your leadership: Read the full article »

At The Highest Levels of Performance, Details Matter

Overall, in the history of the Olympic 100 yard dash event, the average time difference between first and second place is .1 second. That’s one tenth of a second. Generally, we tend to make a much bigger deal about winners and underplay the runner up, but the truth is, in the recorded history of the Olympics, the difference is only .1 second.  The lesson? Read the full article »

Pope Benedict’s Retirement: Are Church and Nonprofit Leaders Watching?

I was so impressed by the retirement announcement from Pope Benedict, that for a minute or two, I almost became a Catholic. His courage in facing the reality of declining health, potentially poor decision making, and the toll on his psyche was admirable. In spite of the pressure (no Pope has retired in 600 years) he had the integrity to make the right decision. Now contrast that with many pastors, ministry, and nonprofit leaders. With media ministries, they stay on the air way past their ability to not embarrass themselves. They fumble around, say inappropriate things, and generally make the Church look foolish to the world. Long time pastors aren’t much different. They Read the full article »

Are You an Idea Person or a Make it Happen Person?

Whenever I’m at a Hollywood party I meet plenty of “idea” people. Apparently, some people actually think that’s a job. I’m a big fan of ideas, and I’ve spent my career working in a creative business. But as great and rare as real creativity is, that’s only half of the puzzle. The other part – and it’s just as important – is Read the full article »

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