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It’s Time to Drop These Words and Phrases

Perhaps since I’m a writer, I’m a bit overly sensitive, but there’s a growing list of words and phrases that I’m really tired of reading in print or online, and hearing on TV. (TV newspeople are the worst.) Here’s my latest candidates for obliterating from the language (or at least parking them for awhile.)  Read it over and let me know if you have any additions: Read the full article »

Let’s Lose the Christian Lingo

Based on my recent post, let’s create a list of “Christian Lingo” that we just can’t use anymore. Words that might have meant something to another generation, but have little or no meaning to the church or culture today. I worry that we’ve created a language in the church that no one outside our little group even understands. Word like “fellowship” – as in “Let’s have a mighty time of fellowship.” Or “Crusade” – as in “Evangelistic Crusade.” Or my current favorite, “Rally” – as in “Youth Rally.” What other dated religious words can we get rid of? Let’s start a list. Post away:
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