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Why Your Boss Is The Key To Your Future

At some point or another, everyone has boss problems. I’ve worked for bosses who were the owner’s son or daughter, and were completely incompetent. There are fine leaders out there who are second generation, but in my career, I’ve worked for some real losers. I’ve had other bosses that were insecure, others who were egomaniacs, and still others who wanted to be somewhere else. As a result, sooner or later, most employees dream of Read the full article »

Shocking News About Complainers

You’d be surprised at how many times I start working with a new client, only to have someone on their team pull me aside to complain about how the organization is run, or the incompetent leadership, or the mission. I know other people who constantly complain about their job, co-workers, schedule, and more. The bottom line is that there are far too many people complaining and not nearly enough making things happen. Here’s a shocking statistic I read recently: Read the full article »

Leaders: Your Stress Level Is Hurting Your Team

More and more evidence is coming in that leadership style and behavior trickle down. I once had a client who’s leadership style was to lead by threat. Instead of inspiring and motivating his team, his constant mantra was, “If you can’t do it, I’ll find someone who can.”  Before long, his subordinates followed his lead and began their own reign of terror with co-workers and vendors. For leaders, the bottom line is the team Read the full article »

Are Distractions Damaging Your Career?

Here’s the facts:  A University of California, Irvine study revealed that employees working in open-plan offices (cubicles or around big tables) were interrupted 63% of their time at work. Employees with offices were interrupted 49% of the time. After each interruption, it took 25 minutes for the cubicle employees and 26 minutes for the office employees to get back on track. However, typically, employees turned to 2.26 OTHER tasks before getting back to the original task from which they had been interrupted. Which means, Read the full article »

Who You Work With Matters More Than You Think

We all joke about our co-workers.  We’re close to some, others drive us crazy, and a few seem outright evil.  Since we spend so much of our lives working in the office, more and more studies show that who we work with has a huge impact, not only on our performance, but on our personal health.  A recent study from Tel Aviv University tracked 820 workers for 20 years.  They discovered that our co-workers impact our health more than the hours we work, the stress, or our boss.  And it’s pretty serious – working with not-so-kind colleagues, actually increases our risk of dying.  In fact, Read the full article »

Employees Who Win By Wearing Everyone Down

Is there a member of your team who just won’t let go? He or she has an idea and refuses to take no for an answer or consider other ideas? This isn’t a personality quirk – it’s a strategy. It may come from insecurity, being a control freak, or obsessiveness with detail – but whatever causes it, you can bet it’s being done on purpose. The question is, why?  Read the full article »

How to Deal With the Whiners On Your Team

Most creative teams are going to have at least one member who’s a whiner. Whiner’s focus on the negative, and thrive on complaining – often about the most insignificant things you can imagine. According to the Wall Street Journal, research indicates that productivity can be damaged by working alongside a chronic complainer. Exposure to non-stop negativity can disrupt learning, memory, attention, and judgement. The problem is more widespread than you think, because Read the full article »

Freelancer or Full Time Employee? Which One Is Right for You?

I know a television producer who has spent most of his career working as a full time network employee. He’s very talented, and a few years ago, decided he should go out on his own and become a freelance producer. He lasted about 6 months. Once he starting working outside the studio, he started to miss having a large staff, a couple of assistants, office equipment, and the clout of a big company behind him. He struggled mightily with working on his own, doing it on the cheap, and Read the full article »

Don’t Be Afraid to Say, "I Don’t Know"

Way too often in modern business, competition makes us feel that we can’t ask for help.  We think it will show weakness, and as a result, we lie.  We try to make everyone think we can handle everything, when the truth is, we have lots of questions.  Here’s my take:  Insecure people are terrified that people around them will think they don’t know what they’re doing.  But people who are secure, have the confidence to ask for help.  As a result, they find answers and move ahead of everyone else.

Read the full article »

It’s Time to Shut Up and Make a Decision

I think Yogi Berra had it right when he said: “If you come to a fork in the road, take it.” Lately I seem to be surrounded with leaders who can’t make decisions. The executive director of a major nonprofit told me recently, “When I make a decision, I feel guilty.” In some cases, leaders who shy away from decisions make the horrible error of farming decisions out to a committee. How many churches, nonprofits, and businesses today are run by “leadership teams,” or “marketing teams?” Teams are great for brainstorming and executing strategy, but at some point, one person needs to make a choice. As I’ve said before – in military terms – Read the full article »

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