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Should we Boycott, Protest, or Engage Secular Culture?

Karen Covell, Director of the Hollywood Prayer Network had an interesting conversation with an employee of a major ministry regarding their position on boycotting the entertainment industry.  Karen, (like most of us Christians in the entertainment business) prefer to think of boycotts as a completely last resort.  It raises plenty of money for fundraising campaigns, but as a strategy to change the culture, it simply rarely works.

But Karen responded to this ministry with such a clear and direct explanation of her position, I thought it worth posting. With Karen’s permission, here’s her letter: Read the full article »

Ten Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me In College

College was a wonderful experience for me.  It literally transformed my life.  In those days, I was a film and television major, but I’m sad to say, that was the only area my university failed me.  Professors teach you knowledge about your field, but they don’t often teach about the relational or practical issues of your field.  So after more than three decades working as a professional in the media, and living out what I majored in college, here’s the ten things I wish I’d known back then that would have made a dramatic difference in my career: Read the full article »

How to Keep From Becoming A “One Hit Wonder”

Living in Los Angeles, I’m constantly meeting people who had a breakthrough moment sometime in their career. Perhaps they acted in a successful TV series, wrote a screenplay for an acclaimed movie, or published a bestselling book. But after that success, they dropped off the radar, unable to keep the momentum going. Perhaps that’s happened to you. Your past success might have been in business, the arts, media, or elsewhere, but when it was over, you’ve never been able to get back into the game. Life is complex, and while there may be many reasons for your detour, here’s a few things to consider that might help you keep your career momentum moving forward, and avoid becoming a “one hit wonder:” Read the full article »

Warning Signs That You’re Petty and Insecure

Proverbs 18:2 says: “A fool takes no pleasure in understanding, but only in expressing his opinion.”  Maybe you know a few people like that. I work in the media business, so I deal with petty and insecure people all the time. What drives me crazy is how they suck the life out of their team. They’re so obsessed with being in charge (and getting credit) even to the point of being willing to drive the organization into the ground.  So if you’re wondering if that might be you – or someone you work with – here’s a handy chart to help you identify the petty and insecure people in your office: Read the full article »

The 10 Biggest Myths About Hollywood

1.  Hollywood hates Christians. The fact is, Hollywood – and most of the mainstream media is ignorant of all things “Christian.”  Most of the media leaders in this country are simply not people of any faith background, so while it may appear they dislike issues of faith, Read the full article »

Know The Difference Between “Con” and “Content”

One thing you’ll discover living and working in Hollywood is the number of film or TV “producers” who have never actually produced anything. How they make their living, I have no idea, but you see them all the time. Some are young and hopeful, trying to make their mark, but many are simply looking to make money – and will cut whatever corners necessary to make that happen. So as you navigate your career in the media or entertainment industry (and any other business for that matter) make sure you keep a sharp eye out for people pitching Read the full article »

Is Hollywood Out of Touch with Middle America?

Recently, the Christian Post interviewed me about Hollywood. It was a good article, but as most publications do, they only used a few short quotes. I thought I’d post the entire interview in case you might be interested in my comments.  Let me know what you think: Read the full article »

The Arrogance of Being Right

As we hunker down into the political season, I’m reminded about the arrogance of “being right.”  Whenever we feel that we hold the correct view on a subject, it’s amazing how we hold everyone else in contempt.  We have the truth and they don’t, so “they” must be idiots.  It’s certainly not new with this election, and this malady appears across all subjects from politics to sports, religion, business, and more.  Between 1918 and 1925, when William Jennings Bryan and Clarence Darrow fought about evolution, there was little conciliatory or intellectual discussion.  It was wild accusations and jokes about Read the full article »

What God is Doing in Hollywood

I had the fantastic opportunity last night to MC a fundraising event for a great ministry in Hollywood:  Hollywood United.  It’s essentially a collaboration of three organizations:
The Hollywood Prayer Network
And Act One Hollywood
The event accomplished three things:   Read the full article »

When It Comes to Media, Do You “Consume” or “Listen?”

We’re all “consumers” today.  Read the news, blogs, or magazine articles and we’re all “consuming” something.  Wikipedia defines it as:  “Consumer is a broad label for any individuals or households that use goods and services generated within the economy.”  So the question is – when you read books, watch a film, spend time on the web, or encounter other media – are you “using” or really listening?  I fear that too often we’re just “scanning” or looking for momentary entertainment.  But there’s wonderful stuff out there, and we’re not taking the time to think and reflect about it’s real meaning.
Maybe it’s time we started Read the full article »

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