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The Self-Esteem Generation Gives President Obama an “A” for Effort

Remember the self-esteem movement? The idea that regardless of the effort expended or actual results, simply by giving a child loads of personal affirmation, he or she would develop positive self-esteem. It created “Trophy Kids” – an entire generation of children who received trophies just for showing up at ball games or music recitals. And it’s contributed to a growing sense of entitlement for that age group as well. Now, in a revealing study reported by Commentary Magazine, we can see just how much that kind of thinking can shift a Read the full article »

How to Change the Perception of Christianity in the Culture

Our team at Cooke Pictures recently spent a few days in San Jose working with Grace Hill Media shooting a promo for NFL great Kurt Warner’s new show “The Moment” for the USA Network. It’s a program that gives people a second chance at achieving their dream. Whatever it was that derailed their plans, Kurt and his team will help them get a second chance at making it happen. We shot the segments at Cathedral of Faith Church in San Jose because it’s a church that’s become synonymous with Read the full article »

Why We Should Support Christian Projects from Hollywood

In spite of the raging success of The Bible series on The History Channel, there are still Christian critics of recent efforts by Hollywood to produce Christian themed movies and TV programming. I was in a meeting recently where we discussed the record breaking audience for “The Bible” series, and one well-meaning Christian in the group said, “But it’s SO inaccurate!” Every time a project like The Blind Side, The Chronicles of Narnia, The Bible, The Book of Eli, and others come out, a group of Christians take an issue with the theology, doctrine, or portrayals in the film. In most cases, Read the full article »

Today’s Open Media World

I originally posted this a couple of years ago, but it’s worth re-visiting.  Whenever you have difficulty convincing your boss, team, donors, or customers on how the “digital revolution” is fundamentally transforming our lives, this is a good scale.  I call it the “open media world” versus the past “closed media world.”  Here’s the difference in the closed media world of the past, and the open media world of the future: Read the full article »

Should Churches Hold “Oscar Parties?”

Last night Kathleen and I attended the Oscar party at Bel Air Presbyterian Church in Los Angeles. Beacon is Bel Air’s ministry to the entertainment and media industries, and they partnered with the Hollywood Prayer Network, The Greenhouse, The 168 Film Project, and Christian Women in Media to host the event. More than 1,000 people showed up to see the Oscars, discuss the films, and have a really fun night. We even had a huge contest to see who could predict the winners. The question is – Why should churches host Oscar parties? Read the full article »

The Evangelical Did It, in the Kitchen, with the Lead Pipe

Check out this commentary by writer Bob Bonebrake, author of King of America on the portrayal of Christians in the media. Well worth reading:

It’s easy to spot the evangelicals in the movies these days. They’re the ones wearing the black hats.  We seem to be well into the era of the Christian bad guy.  Like the killer monk in The Da Vinci Code, more and more conservative Christians are being cast as the villains in popular fiction and political comment these days.  I’ve recently seen a host of television dramas with hypocritical ministers and priests revealed as Read the full article »

My Top 10 Blog Posts of the Year

Ranked by page views, here’s my most read blog posts of the last year. Is the list what you would have expected?  If you didn’t get a chance to respond, please jump into these conversations.  Plus, I’d love your thoughts on the subjects you’d like me to write more about in 2013: Read the full article »

Should we Boycott, Protest, or Engage Secular Culture?

Karen Covell, Director of the Hollywood Prayer Network had an interesting conversation with an employee of a major ministry regarding their position on boycotting the entertainment industry.  Karen, (like most of us Christians in the entertainment business) prefer to think of boycotts as a completely last resort.  It raises plenty of money for fundraising campaigns, but as a strategy to change the culture, it simply rarely works.

But Karen responded to this ministry with such a clear and direct explanation of her position, I thought it worth posting. With Karen’s permission, here’s her letter: Read the full article »

What’s the Next "Gideon Bible" Idea?

I think it’s time to revisit this post I did a couple of years ago when I was interviewed on about the presence of Bibles in hotel rooms. Since the Gideons started the idea in 1899, they have become a global organization impacting millions of people. As I say in the article, it was a brilliant back idea then to place copies of the Bible in millions of hotel rooms, but in today’s pluralistic society, everyone else is going to want equal time. I travel about 150,000 miles a year, and in most hotels I already find a Book of Mormon next to the Bible. Before long, I predict we’ll find a Koran, Tao, Torah, I Ching, Writings of Confucius, and more. Pretty soon, there won’t be room for a bed.  So the big question becomes -
Read the full article »

Does Your Product or Brand Influence Culture?

Brand expert Simon Williams says “Brands that influence culture sell more; culture is the new catalyst for growth.”  The concept of changing culture is hot.  Look at Google – it’s revolutionizing the way we work online – both personally and corporately.  There’s also a rush for brands to be green and help the environment.  Those brands are getting a lot of buzz right now.  Right or wrong, the perception of impacting culture adds an important layer to your Read the full article »

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