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Are Negative Comments Online Damaging Creativity?

Blogs have comment sections. Facebook has comments. People can respond to anything you say on Twitter. Social media is not just about being “social,” it’s about getting a response. The problem is, many of us debut creative ideas online. We try out the subject of a new book, or present a concept for an ad campaign or movie idea. In similar cases, leaders toss out new ideas to see what people think. But sometimes, Read the full article »

Let’s Stop Blaming God for Our Failures

Maybe it’s because I’ve spent so much of my career working in advertising and marketing, but after a Christian event where nobody shows up, when I hear the phrase, “Well, the people that needed to be here were here,” it sure seems to me like an excuse. We hear it all the time when only a handful of people show up to an event: “Well, only 6 people came, but I believe those were the people God wanted here.” Really? I don’t want to sound harsh and ungodly here, but Read the full article »

Stop Listening to the “Devil’s Advocate”

In every creative or leadership meeting there’s a “devil’s advocate.” No matter how great your idea, there’s always someone who pops in with “Let me just play the devil’s advocate for a minute…” And then proceeds to trash your concept. This will be a short blog, because here’s your answer: Read the full article »

The Need to Be Liked

A pastor who’s a client of ours has the largest church in his city.  Recently, the local paper did a major story on the church, and although it was pretty positive, when the story was posted online, he was shocked at the number of really vicious and nasty comments from numerous anonymous online posters.   (Isn’t it interesting that the worst comments are always from people afraid to identify themselves?)

He asked me, “What about the critics?  That’s hurtful stuff.”  His wife told me how upsetting it was, and how challenging it is living in the public eye.  They asked me how they should deal with criticism:  “Do you just develop a thick skin and not care anymore?   We don’t want to get to that place, but we have to admit that constant sniping and criticism can wear us down.”

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