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Creativity, The Movie Business, and Being Realistic

People have a lot of high-minded ideas about creativity, and as a result, have trouble integrating their creativity into Hollywood, or the advertising industry. But this quote from Ron Shelton, director of the movie “Bull Durham” tells it like it is: Read the full article »

There’s a Big Difference Between “Opinions” and “Ideas”

The world turns on the power of ideas, and yet the social media world seems very often to revolve around shallow opinions. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and others encourage a 24/7 barrage of opinions on every subject imaginable. In my book “Jolt” I reveal that the Read the full article »

Creative Advice You Need to Hear

One of my favorite writers has always been John Gardner, author of Grendel, October Light, Mickelsson’s Ghosts, and others.  His books, The Art of Fiction, On Becoming a Novelist, and On Moral Fiction are required reading for serious writers.  In his book The Art of Fiction he gives some advice that, although it’s primarily for writers, it’s just as true for other creative endeavors.  In a world of puffy, cheesy creative quotes, this is some of the best, most realistic, and encouraging advice I’ve ever heard: Read the full article »

Studio Executive DeVon Franklin and the Ability to Read a Room

My friend DeVon Franklin is the Senior Vice President of Columbia Tristar Pictures in Hollywood. A couple of years ago, I had the opportunity to interview him onstage at a media conference here in Los Angeles. In fact, if you haven’t read his book “Produced by Faith” then I highly recommend it. During our session at the conference, I asked him what was the single most important skill it takes to reach the top in this industry. His answer? Read the full article »

Leaders: Are You Delegating To Someone Who’s Undermining You?

In most cases, when an organization hires my company – Cooke Pictures, in Burbank, California – they name someone internally as the “point person” who we deal with on a day to day basis. In some cases, this point person has approval authority, and at the very least dictates the working relationship. In most cases, the person is experienced, responsible, and qualified. But from time to time, that point person can make life miserable. Here’s why: Read the full article »

Why Some Leaders are Gifted, But Don’t Reach Their Potential

One of my greatest challenges coaching leaders is their own talent. Don’t get me wrong – talent is great.  But in many cases, a talented leader is already pretty successful, is surrounded by a team (or congregation) who acknowledges that talent, and as a result, he or she tends to live in a bit of a bubble. The problem is Read the full article »

The Big Secret to a Successful Freelance Career

The freelance life is a challenge. At some point, every employee in America has thought about leaving their job and working for themselves. But the realization that freelance professionals wake up every morning unemployed usually jolts them back to reality. Managing projects, inspiring confidence, being professional, dealing with risk, and more all add up to a successful freelance career, but one thing stands above all others. If you can’t do this, then don’t become a freelancer. The single most important aspect of a successful freelance career is: Read the full article »

Who’s Your Mentor?

Did you have a mentor? Are you mentoring someone else? More and more research is showing that mentorship matters – particularly in a work environment where change is happening at light speed. In his new book “The Leadership Style of Jesus,” Dr. Michael Youssef reports these fascinating statistics: Read the full article »

It’s Time to Stop Ripping Off the “I Am Second” Campaign

We all know that God chose to introduce himself in the first verse of Genesis as a “creator.” We know the great artists, painters, writers, filmmakers and others through history who were inspired by their Christian faith. So today, why do we keep ripping off other creatives instead of being creative ourselves? I’m finally fed up with all the “Christian” writers, producers, and directors who have been ripping off the unique approach of Read the full article »

Help Your Child Discover Their Destiny

Childhood is about creativity, and the more young people encounter new experiences, the better off they’ll be as adults. But on the other hand, every parent fears for a child who gets lost in the options, and simply ambles through life with no direction or purpose. Someone similar to what Pulitzer Prize–winning playwright David Mamet wrote: “Who does not know the thirty-year-old described by his parents as ‘still searching for himself’? By forty, this person is, by his parents, generally not described at all, for to do so would be either to skirt or to employ the term ‘bum.’”   A great life doesn’t happen by Read the full article »

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