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The History of Bible Movies

During what’s been called “The Year of the Bible Movie” I discovered a fascinating site called “Bible Films Blog” focused on the history of Bible films.  It’s a very interesting resource, and includes some of the earliest films on the life of Christ, including “From the Manger to the Cross” from 1912.  Back on the eve of the Millennium, I directed a global TV special that featured a music video with Michael W. Smith singing “To The King Eternal” and we shot the video in an Read the full article »

The Atheist TV Network is Coming

The National Religious Broadcasters Association represents hundreds of Christian radio and TV stations across America and the world. What we critically call “TV Evangelists” have certainly made waves in Christian culture. Even local churches are featured regularly on TV. But now, something new is on the horizon: Read the full article »

My “Inside Edition” Interview About the Noah Movie

Just in case you’ve been on another planet, you might be interested in my comments to Inside Edition today about the movie “Noah:”


The Influence Lab is Here!

You’re one of the first to see our new nonprofit initiative called “The Influence Lab.” As you scroll through the website, you’ll see what it’s about, but essentially, our goal is to radically re-think global missions in the digital age. The truth is, the vast mission effort is still based on a 200 year old model. But in an age where other countries send more missionaries to the US than the US sends out, our goal isn’t to send people from here, it’s to Read the full article »

Five Keys To Shooting Better Videos and Short Films

I was shooting videos and short films back in the days of half-inch black and white, reel to reel recording. Since that time I’ve written, directed, and produced at least a thousand for a long list of projects and clients. During that time I’ve learned a few things about producing videos that connect with audiences and inspire them to action. Here’s five key secrets: Read the full article »

If You Love Jesus, “Like” This Post

The title of this post is one of the dumbest, most worthless phrases I see in social media today. It’s a cheap, easy way to jack up your “likes” without offering any real substance whatsoever. I’m ranting, because I see it used way too often on the social media pages of churches, nonprofits, and ministries. First – it’s puts the viewer in an awkward position: “What? Of course I love Jesus, so I must “like” it.”  But are you really engaging the viewer? Are they viewing your content, watching your videos, or participating in your online project?  Second – Read the full article »

Just Because You’re Productive, Doesn’t Mean You’re Creative

I have to admit being a bit of a Productivity Nerd. I have numerous cross-platform to-do apps on my computer, including Wunderlist, Things, and OmniFocus. (Currently, OmniFocus is my favorite.) I’ve read all of David Allen’s books, track with my friend Michael Hyatt, and follow the guys over at Asian Efficiency. In my role as CEO, managing our team at Cooke Pictures, and working with our clients, productivity matters. It helps me keep track of what needs to be done, and keeps me on point to make it happen. As David Allen says, Read the full article »

Can We End Human Trafficking?

Friday is Human Trafficking Awareness Day, created to call attention to the catastrophe of global slavery.  Our team at Cooke Pictures had the opportunity produce some projects highlighting the work of Stella’s Voice, a remarkable organization focusing on the work in Eastern Europe.  We’ve been blown away by the difference Stella’s Voice is making – helping to stop the scourge of human trafficking in that part of the world.  If you can give financially, we’d encourage you to do it today.  Here’s a 6 minute short film we produced as a result of the trip: Read the full article »

Two “Unique” Christmas Gifts

I have two great Christmas gift ideas for this year, and you can order them in plenty of time for Christmas.  My latest book is “Unique:  Telling Your Story in the Age of Brands and Social Media.”  If you’re a leader, artist, filmmaker, creative, pastor, business or nonprofit leader, you need this book on your shelf.  A number of leaders are buying multiple copies for their leadership team, communications team, and board of directors.  This is the most definitive book on Read the full article »

Will Your Email Trail Come Back to Haunt You?

Last year, a writer approached me with a screenplay, asking me to help him get his film made. Fair enough. But I made it clear that our company,  Cooke Pictures is not a funding company in a position to finance films. He said fine. Then I read the screenplay and realized pretty quickly it wasn’t something I was interested in, so I kindly told him thanks, but we weren’t interested at this time. At that point, he unleashed some pretty nasty things, and followed up with an email. He wrote that if I was a REAL Christian, I’d Read the full article »

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