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Five Non-Christian Habits Christians Need to Learn

I say “non-Christian” because for many reasons, Christian culture looks down on them. They have not been considered traditional Christian behaviors. But one of the big reasons we’re losing our voice in today’s culture is that we don’t understand and master these critical habits.  Here’s the list:  Read the full article »

How to Point Out the Elephant in the Room (Without Losing Your Job)


When it comes to the workplace, there are plenty of elephants in plenty of rooms, and no one seems to have the courage to point them out. For me – it’s become an obsession. I simply can’t sit through meetings where out-of-date policies, hypocritical leaders, or incompetent people are creating obstacles to success. The problem is – how to you point out these sensitive areas without a leader or his team looking inept or being humiliated?  Here’s six important keys:  Read the full article »

When You Confront an Adversary, Give Them a Way Out

A few years ago, a friend discovered wrongdoing on the part of her boss – who happened to also be her brother.  She was perplexed about how to reveal the deceit, but eventually decided to act.  Her problem was she went way over the top, and exposed her brother in a very public and humiliating way.  Reacting in anger and being forced to retaliate, he ended up having her fired, and in the process, was able to sweep his wrongdoing under the rug.  So what could have been an important revelation that could have benefitted the company, as well as my friend, only ended up  Read the full article »

How To Deal With Critics

I get my fair share of critics on this blog, so I thought I’d write on how I deal with them. I wrote about issue in my book “One Big Thing” and it’s good advice during the difficult times when you receive criticism for your ideas, projects, performance, and more.  Here are a few important tips when criticism comes your way: Read the full article »