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Five Steps To Overcoming the “Jolts” of Life

When disaster strikes our life, we’re often simply overwhelmed.  As we saw during the 2011 tsunami in Japan, entire towns were wiped off the map, and all these years later, we’re still seeing news reports of problems with the clean up. When a country like that is in chaos, where do we begin when problems happen? Even more important, how do we deal with the “meltdowns” we face in our lives? In my book “Jolt! Get the Jump on a World That’s Constantly Changing” I show you how to weather the storms of change, and actually use it to your advantage. After being fired, going through a divorce, losing a loved one or experiencing other traumatic life events, how do you start over?  Here’s 5 ways to move forward with purpose: Read the full article »

How To Get Noticed in a Cluttered World

If you want to have influence at any level, you need to learn how to get your ideas and expertise noticed. Too many people today have brilliant insight, but they don’t know the keys to getting anyone to listen. It’s a cluttered world out there, so if you’re going to get heard, here’s 5 key principles to remember: Read the full article »

The Price Of Constantly Checking Your Email

Ron Friedman writing on the Harvard Business Review blog has a beef with people who constantly check their email. And you know what? He’s got a point. Friedman says, “Shifting our attention from one task to another, as we do when we’re monitoring email while trying to read a report or craft a presentation, disrupts our concentration and saps our focus.” And all these distractions take their toll on your productivity. He cites a University of California-Irvine study that indicates Read the full article »

Are You Comfortable With Silence?

Think about it. A few years ago I did, and I was surprised at how uncomfortable I was with silence. For instance, the first thing I did after waking up was to turn on the television. At the office, I sat at my desk and immediately fired up my music. I brought headphones on a plane to watch a movie. The first thing I did when I checked into a hotel room was to turn on the TV. After starting my car, without thinking I turned on the radio. How about you? Has “noise” become a habit? When was the last time you actually Read the full article »

Can You Handle 30 Minutes of Solitude?

I’m having some knee problems, so last week, I went in for an MRI.  Because it’s a magnetic imaging procedure, when they position you in the machine, you can’t have your cell phone, or other objects.  There’s no TV in the room either.  Plus, they don’t want you to move, so I couldn’t bring a magazine or book.   So there I was, laying on my back for 30 minutes while the MRI machine did it’s thing.  Then, I started to get a bit twitchy.   If you know me, you’ll know that while I’m probably not A.D.D., I AM easily distracted.  At any given waking moment, I like to be DOING something – reading, checking email, Twittering, writing, scanning something – ANYTHING.  But I couldn’t Read the full article »

The Importance of Eliminating Distractions

If wrestling with my daily priorities is one of my biggest challenges, then dealing with distractions is a close second.  I don’t think I’m fully A.D.D., but I may be one of the most easily distracted people on the planet.  My daughter Bailey may have inherited this terrible trait from me.  My mind literally races all the time.  From the moment I wake up to the moment I fall asleep, it’s going at light speed.  That means I rush through things, multi-task unnecessarily, and juggle way too much.  I’m a terrible driver because
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