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Should Donors Be Upset About The New Crystal Cathedral Owners Removing Their Names?

Now that Pastor Robert Schuller’s Crystal Cathedral has been sold to the Catholic Church, big changes are happening. For instance, it’s being reported that a walkway constructed of bricks with engraved names of Crystal Cathedral donors is being pulled up to make way for new landscaping. Although the new owners are making the bricks available to donors who would like to claim them, it’s still causing an Read the full article »

Preachers of LA – Coming this Fall

Here’s the promo reel for the new show on the Oxygen Network “Preachers of LA.”  I don’t have anything to do with it, but I’d be curious about your thoughts.  Is this going to help the cause of engaging the culture?  Will this be a move forward or a setback for the Church?  One big question is:  Why did they pick these guys?  Let me know what you think: Read the full article »

This Month’s Interview: Joel Osteen

I’m going to start publishing a monthly interview with friends, clients, and others who are in the media world and might benefit my readers.  I’m starting with an interview I just did for Ministry Today magazine with Pastor Joel Osteen from Lakewood Church in Houston.  Joel and his father John were some of my first clients, and Joel and I led the team that created his enormously successful TV program.  When Ministry Today asked me to edit an issue of the magazine, I thought an interview with Joel would be Read the full article »

When It Comes to Media, It’s Time To Get Real

Just when we hoped “reality” programming was reaching it’s end, we discovered that the audience ratings are higher than ever. Now, reality advertising is the next step as the trend in reality programming has trickled down into the commercials that surround the programs. Certainly, as a commercial director, I’ve seen a strong increase in clients wanting to portray real people instead of actors, less gloss and hype, and more “real life” situations in spots.  Here are some thoughts and ideas as you brainstorm your next advertising campaign:
Read the full article »

The Future of Christian Television

Here’s my interview with the Think International team on the future of Christian television.  I’d love to know your reaction:

If Your Audience Isn’t Responding

It’s nice to create interesting media programming, but unless your audience responds in some way, you won’t last long. At Cooke Pictures, our mantra when it comes to media presentations is “action.” If you’re not getting a response, the first place you should look is viewer fatigue. In other words, is the audience simply tired of seeing what you’re presenting? Too often, we as programmers or advertisers get into a rut. Spots look alike, and producers use the same voice over artist, show the same graphic style, or tend to write the same way – over and over again. Viewer fatigue means that people are simply getting tired of it all. If your media isn’t getting much of a response, here’s some ideas to consider: Read the full article »

Ten Ideas to Be A More Effective Communications or Media Director

1.  Find a mentor and get better advice.  Seek out another media director who’s programs, campaigns, or events you admire and begin a relationship with him or her.  Stop making the same mistakes others have already made, and learn from other people’s success (and sometimes failure.)

2.  Watch more TV (not religious TV either).  Study contemporary graphic styles, directing techniques, and editing methods.  You’ll discover that “page turn” wipes stopped about 10 years ago, flying boxes went out even earlier, and many other things that will surprise you!

  Let’s stop Read the full article »

Creative Alert: Obsessively Detailed People Will Kill You

Anal Retentive” – bear with me here, and just check the dictionary or Wikipedia. It’s a person who’s attention to detail becomes obsessive. Trust me, you’ll encounter these people sooner or later in your work. It’s the person who is a slave to policy. He’d rather the organization fail, than actually bend the rules. I’ve met hundreds of them, and they’re the people who speak up after you’ve produced a successful project to “remind” you that Read the full article »

What’s The Future of Television for Sharing the Christian Message?

Recently I was interviewed by Charisma magazine on the relevance of using television as a tool for sharing the Christian message. In a world where most churches, ministries, and nonprofits are moving to the Internet, why think about TV anymore? I thought you might be interested in my answers. Let me know what you think: Read the full article »

Should Telethons Be Re-Run?

TV telethons have become a staple of Christian broadcasting networks.  Nearly all non-commercial networks do them, and they’re a key way to motivate  viewers to support their programming.  I’m not against telethons, and I’m wide open to any good idea what will help finance better programming.  After all, everyone from causes like Muscular Dystrophy, to Public Broadcasting  does them regularly, so whatever you may think of the concept, it seems to work.  The question I have is:  Read the full article »

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