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The Destructive Power of Being Sincerely Wrong

Being wrong is one thing.  Being over-confident in your wrongness is something else entirely.  On my blog, on film sets, and in meetings, I often  encounter people who are spectacularly wrong, and yet enormously confident. It happens to the best of people. In the New Testament book of Matthew chapter 16, Jesus was foretelling His future to the disciples. It was far darker than they expected, and Peter tried to correct Him:  Read the full article »

Is It Cowardly To Hide Your Identity Online?

If you respond to blogs, news, and other online sites through a fake name, I have one question: Why?  What and why are you hiding?  Over the years, on this blog – as well as other places I write like Huffington Post, Charisma News, Christian Post, Fast Company, and others, I’ve discovered that the most venomous, nasty, and uncivil posts are almost always from people hiding behind a fake name. There’s simply no Read the full article »

The Apps That Help Me The Most

From time to time people ask me about the apps I use to navigate my life. From writing, speaking, producing, and leading our media production and consulting company Cooke Pictures, I’m a bit of an experimenter. But I’m not a geek and keep going back to simple and easy. Where my brilliant friend Michael Hyatt uses five apps, I use one, so my list will be a lot shorter than his. I’ve tried a lot of things over the years, and here’s a list of some of the key apps that make my life work better: Read the full article »

My Most Popular Blog Posts of 2013

At the end of every year it’s fun (and educational) to see what the most widely read posts have been on my blog.  Take a look at the list and take a moment to read them yourself.  It’s always fascinating to see the areas people are most interested in.  Here’s the list:  Read the full article »

What’s Your Opinion: Should We Own What We Think?

Anyone who has a blog or posts regularly on the Internet will agree that the most critical comments almost always come from anonymous sources. I can vouch for it on this blog and when I write on places like Huffington Post or Fox News. My biggest critics have names like “TruthSeeker” or “Light3945.” It’s frustrating, but I accept it, because it’s always been part of web culture – at least until now. Beginning on The Huffington Post, a new campaign has started to encourage people to Read the full article »

Blogging: Principles That Work

Yes, blogging is as popular as ever.  In fact, many bloggers are not only positioning themselves to influence their industry, but making money to boot.  So if you’re interested in blogging, here are some key principles that will help you find more readers and as a result, have more influence:   Read the full article »

What Should We Be Worried About?

A number of years ago, I had the opportunity to interview computer scientist David Gelernter from Yale University for a documentary on the translation of the Bible into English.  A brilliant thinker, I saw that the Wall Street Journal did a recent story on his answer to the 2013 annual question of, “What should we be worried about?”  In today’s digital and disrupted age, his answer is worth reading – especially if you’re a writer, filmmaker, speaker, or other professional communicator:  Read the full article »

My Top 10 Blog Posts of the Year

Ranked by page views, here’s my most read blog posts of the last year. Is the list what you would have expected?  If you didn’t get a chance to respond, please jump into these conversations.  Plus, I’d love your thoughts on the subjects you’d like me to write more about in 2013: Read the full article »

Leaders – Don’t Forget that “Social Media” is SOCIAL

It may seem obvious, but I’ve found that too many leaders and their organizations think that by posting on blogs, Twitter, Facebook, or other sites on a regular basis, they’re engaging in social media. But afterwards, if you’re not responding back to what your followers are saying, you couldn’t be more mistaken. Let me give you a great example of how one company gets it right:   Read the full article »

Pastors: Stop Cutting and Pasting Your Blogs

The essence of a successful blog is an honest, “behind the scenes,” authentic look at your views on something.  Whatever your blog is about – religion, media, sports, politics, culture – whatever – the first principle is that it’s from YOU.  It needs to be real, and it needs to be personal.  Right now, too many people – especially pastors – are simply Read the full article »

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