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Research on TV Viewing That May Shock You

It’s widely believed that in the digital age, television is dead. But as with many rumors, nothing could be further from the truth. That lesson is supported by recent research from Nielsen Ratings. Plus, you’ll be surprised at who’s watching TV versus spending time online. Here’s some of the findings: Read the full article »

Mastering Media Is Knowing What Each Platform Does Best

Too many people use media randomly, with no real strategic vision. Perhaps a friend recommended local TV, or a board member suggested billboards, or a church youth director likes social media. All these platforms and others are important, but they question is: Why? While I could write many books on the subject, here’s a short list of what differentiates some of the major media platforms: Read the full article »

Know Your Audience: It Matters More Than You Think

Whenever Christian websites like The Christian Post or Charisma News post my articles on leadership or media, I usually get criticism from some Christians who wonder if I’m even a believer. Responses like “You don’t need leadership principles, all you need is the Word of God.” Or, “Talking about sharing our faith through the media is ridiculous. It’s ungodly to evangelize through a channel owned by nonbelievers.” On and on. There are plenty of “armchair experts” out there who are more than happy to criticize (usually anonymously.) But knowing your audience matters, and the “843 Acres” online devotional had some interesting thoughts on that issue: Read the full article »

Who Exactly Is Your Audience?

In one chapter of the fascinating new book by Frank Viola and Leonard Sweet – “Jesus: A Theography,” they raise some interesting points concerning Jesus’ audience. Even though He engaged the Rabbis on a regular basis, they make it clear His main audience wasn’t religious leaders. He wasn’t trying to persuade or convert the Jewish establishment because they didn’t respect his credentials or authority. Jesus focused on the common people. That’s why he spent so much time in villages, rather than the major towns of the region.  In fact, Viola and Sweet point out that Read the full article »

If Your Audience Isn’t Responding

It’s nice to create interesting media programming, but unless your audience responds in some way, you won’t last long. At Cooke Pictures, our mantra when it comes to media presentations is “action.” If you’re not getting a response, the first place you should look is viewer fatigue. In other words, is the audience simply tired of seeing what you’re presenting? Too often, we as programmers or advertisers get into a rut. Spots look alike, and producers use the same voice over artist, show the same graphic style, or tend to write the same way – over and over again. Viewer fatigue means that people are simply getting tired of it all. If your media isn’t getting much of a response, here’s some ideas to consider: Read the full article »

Declining Broadcast TV Numbers for President Obama’s Speeches:

There is an interesting drop in President Obama’s numbers for his major speeches on television.  In what used to be typically one of the largest viewed TV events in the country, the decline is considerable.  Peggy Noonan in the Wall Street Journal reports: Read the full article »

Unrealistic Expectations

Whenever you produce advertising, entertainment, or media projects, you have to think about audience or customer expectations.  I was reminded of that recently when the latest statistics come out about airline versus automobile deaths in America.  Far more people die of car crashes every year, but generally, the public is far more terrified of dying in an airplane accident.  The expectation of the public totally overwhelms reality.  As a result, the government has to Read the full article »

Is TV The Last Great Campfire?

In spite of the encroaching Internet, I’ve always believed that television will continue to be an important medium.  After all, radio didn’t displace movies, and TV didn’t displace radio.  Everything finds it’s level in the mediaverse.  The recent and growing demand for TV commercial spots just confirms that statement*.  Although the number of TV households fell by 1.2 million this past year, TV is still the last great “mass” medium.  While more and more people are on Facebook, blogs, and websites, it’s a scattered audience, and to reach a concentrated public, television is still the medium of choice.   As a result, after fears of the web stealing ad revenue from TV, indications are that TV ad dollars are rising, and that’s why the Read the full article »

Are You Making an Emotional Connection with Your Audience?

I’ve worked with lots of non-profit and religious organizations over the years, and I can tell you that the most successful relationships are the ones where we were able to emotionally connect with the audience. I recently walked a way from a religious client who was creating a very cool looking weekly TV program. In fact, it was one of the hippest and most contemporary inspirational programs on television – the kind we’d love to have on our client reel. Their directors and editors did a great job creating very original spots, promos, and other segments, and the overall show looked great.

But when the organization’s leader
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