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Stop Blaming Everyone Else. Your Future is In Your Hands

I worry that we live in a culture today where growing numbers of people look outside themselves for success. And when they fail, it’s always someone else’s fault. But the government, your parents, your education, and your job aren’t the key to your success – you are.  Whenever I feel my dreams losing steam, I always think of Booker T. Washington. Born a slave in 1858, his childhood years were anything but pleasant. The family’s farm cabin had no glass windows, and any opening to let in light also let in the freezing wind in the winter. The floor of the cabin was dirt. The life of slave was Read the full article »

The Secret of Launching New Projects: Just Do One Thing

Writing a new book is hard. I put it off, and put it off, to the point that sometimes I start worrying about missing deadlines. But then something magical happens. The pressure gets so great that I force myself to sit down and start. I write one page. Then, the flood begins. It’s as if just writing one page – no matter how good or bad that page is – is the key. It primes the pump and the process Read the full article »

What Do People Think of When They Think of You?

In a world of unlimited choices – cable channels, books, music, movies, advertising, media, websites, social media, and more, people have more options than they know what to do with. That’s why if you’re preaching a sermon, pitching a movie, publishing a book – however you’re getting your ideas out there – the initial perception of YOU matters more than ever.  I don’t care how great your Read the full article »

Don’t Tell Me You Don’t Have Time to Pursue Your Dream

I hear it over and over again, “Phil, I’d love to write my book (or insert screenplay, make a movie, launch that business, etc..) but I just don’t have the time.”  We all seem so busy these days, how can we possibly find time to write, plan, or produce what we really dream about?  Believe me, I’ve heard it a thousand times.  In my case, back in my twenties and early thirties, when I worked for someone else, I solved the problem by coming into the office at 6am and getting a couple of hours of writing in before work started.  That’s why I Read the full article »

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