Everybody Has an Agenda: You Need One Too

When Christians get critical about Hollywood, the gay community, environmentalists, or others, we always bring out the “agenda” card. “Beware the gay agenda.” “Hollywood has a secret agenda.” “This global warming agenda.”  I actually saw a comment on my blog recently warning me that “Hollywood’s agenda is to sell tickets.”  Duh. What a surprise. Here’s the truth: Read the full article »

Christians: Is It Time to Cut Artists Some Slack?

Just when I thought we’d made some progress in this area, my posts about the movie Noah have brought back the venom. It’s fascinating to me that God chose to introduce Himself to us in the first chapter of Genesis as a “creator.” But even though we are made in his image, so many Christians literally fear creativity. Pastor,  filmmaker, and author or The Artisan SoulErwin McManus says, Read the full article »

My “Inside Edition” Interview About the Noah Movie

Just in case you’ve been on another planet, you might be interested in my comments to Inside Edition today about the movie “Noah:”


American News Networks Embarrassing Reporting on Malaysia Air

Perhaps it’s because I’m an explorer at heart and have always loved geography, I was astonished when my friend Mark Zschech from Australia sent me this report on just how wacky American reporting has been on the missing Malaysia Air Flight 370.  Take a look (and scroll down the page for the photos) just to see how embarrassingly ignorant American journalists are when it comes to the location of countries, bodies of water, and other geographical regions. Here’s the report:

First Look: Christian Leaders Speak Out About The Noah Movie

After my original blog post recommending Christians see Paramount Pictures upcoming movie Noah, and subsequent interviews in the national media, the studio called and asked our production company, Cooke Pictures to create a short video feature with Christian leaders talking about the movie.  All of these leaders have seen the film, and after the short video, keep watching for a series of quotes about the film from additional respected pastors and ministry leaders:



Want to Change Your Life? Hire a Great Assistant.

Early in my career, I believed there was honor in doing everything myself. Don’t hire an assistant – it’s too expensive, plus, if you want it done right, you have to do it yourself. Fortunately, I learned years ago that was bunk.  Hiring the right assistant can change your life. It lets you focus on the big picture issues, releases you from the day to day organizational stuff, and Read the full article »

Writing Secrets from Ari Handel, Screenwriter of “Noah”

I had the opportunity last week to chat with Ari Handel, the screenwriter of the upcoming Paramount motion picture “Noah.” Ari is both a producer and writer, known for The Fountain (2006), Black Swan (2010) and The Wrestler (2008). He was actually trained as a neuroscientist, and earned his Ph.D. in that field. Then he made the decision to move into the entertainment business with his old friend Darren Aronofsky. When it comes to Noah, we’ve heard the hype and the controversy, and I wanted to get straight to the writing. Here’s what’s important to Ari when it comes to writing: Read the full article »

How Should We Treat Heretics?

I’ve had plenty of criticism from readers of my blog over the years, but in my recent post about why Christians should see the upcoming movie “Noah” I was surprised at the level of venom coming from Christians trying to “defend the faith.”  Sometimes it seems those trying to fight for doctrinal purity are the most angry and bitter people of all. There’s no question that doctrine is important, but the other side of that question is:   Read the full article »

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