My Top 10 Blog Posts of the Year

Ranked by page views, here’s my most read blog posts of the last year. Is the list what you would have expected?  If you didn’t get a chance to respond, please jump into these conversations.  Plus, I’d love your thoughts on the subjects you’d like me to write more about in 2013:

1) What Katy Perry and Taylor Swift Can Teach Church Worship Leaders

2) How to Respond to the Election Results

3) Why So Much Christian Media Sucks

4) Why So Many Movies Fail

5) The 10 Biggest Myths About Hollywood

6) “Out of Office” Auto-Responder Email Replies

7) How to Deal With Petty and Insecure People

8) The Death of the Self Esteem Movement

9) What Happens When Someone Calls a TV Show to Accept Christ?

10) A Checklist for Building Your Platform in 2013


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  • Mary Adams Hutchinson

    The last time I wrote anything that got me in as much hot water as my post (#9 above) was in my college days. I was threatened with being expelled then. Some rather vocal folks in Christan media may have thought that would be a good idea too.

  • Sidney Ross

    why call a television show to accept christ, just do it and move on.

  • Sidney Ross

    Why call to accept Christ? Commit, accept grace and move forward.