How Great Leaders Inspire Action

If you haven’t seen this you should.  It’s been viewed on various platforms more than seven million times.  Simon Sinek speaking at a Ted Conference on how leaders inspire action.  Especially if you’re a leader of a nonprofit or religious organization, you need to turn off the distractions, sit down, and take 18 minutes to view this:

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7 Responses to “How Great Leaders Inspire Action”

  1. Absolutely fantastic. Thanks for sharing!

  2. John Reid says:

    Wow that was truly powerful! Thanks for sharing Phil. It really opened up my eyes to what is truly important about leadership…

  3. This was worth my 18 minutes, thank you for sharing!

  4. [...] @PhilCooke passed on a link to this TED Talk titled “How Great Leaders Inspirit Action” and encouraged all Christian and non-profit leaders to watch it. It is very, very thought provoking. I was really reminded and challenged that we need to make sure that we clearly communicate and lead from the ‘why’ and not just the ‘what’. While the concept wasn’t entirely new to me, I am very thoughtful about how as a leader (and at our church) I can grow is ‘leading from the why’. [...]

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