Why Firing People Can Be a Good Thing

At the Nine’s Conference recently, I spoke on something churches, ministries, and nonprofit organizations really struggle with:  firing people.  Whether you’re a leader or employee, I’d encourage you to consider this perspective.  And as usual, let me know what you think.  Here’s the video:


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7 Responses to “Why Firing People Can Be a Good Thing”

  1. Travis says:

    Excellent information on a subject that is difficult for most Ministry leaders. It’s never easy, but more damage will be done by not taking action.

  2. Ron Lambros says:

    Good stuff on a tough subject.
    One of the things I learned early in my ministry is that it’s not the people you fire that come back to haunt you…it’s the people you should have fired but didn’t.

  3. Sean Cannell says:

    Great Video! — Must watch for church leaders.

  4. Tedd Clayton says:

    Simply put… One of the best videos on this subject I have ever seen… Way to go Phil…

  5. Firing can be/should be an act of kindness. It frees the team from those who really don’t fit/can’t fully contribute and allows the fired to truly discover who they are and where they should fit. I think you nailed it. It’s not just about firing but why and how to fire.

  6. Gary Hoogvliet says:

    Thanks Phil. As usual, you make huge sense…


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