My Favorite (and most creative) Christmas Short Film This Year

Get a tissue, expand this to fullscreen, and check out this 5 minute short film.  One of the most creative campaigns I’ve ever seen…


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  • Josh Reid

    Wow! – What a powerful impact this must have had. I think I know which airline they’ll be flying next time. – And I can’t help wondering what would happen if the church did something like this, to engage our culture.

  • Maryjo Petersen Castro

    Should have had that tissue in hand. How fun! This gives me an idea for Christmas next year :)

  • maryhutchinson

    Outstanding. Takes a lot to make me what to head to an airport, this does it.

  • Doug Weber

    The video did an excellent job of telling this story, but I thought this idea by WestJet was just outstanding…