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Episode 48: When Teamwork Doesn’t Work

Download episode 48 when teamwork doesn’t work (21MB)

There’s a time for teams, and a time to shut the door and get to work.  Learn from Phil Cooke which is which.

Episode 47: Perception: The Key To Creativity

Download episode 47 perception: the key to creativity (22MB)

Neurological research has yielded some amazing new insights into creativity.

Episode 46: Catalysts-Critical People To Innovation

Download episode 46 catalysts-critical people to innovation (18MB)

Not everyone is highly creative or artistic – some of us are “catalysts”. Find out more about these critical people to the process of innovation.

Episode 45: Hiring for Profit Employees in a Nonprofit World

Download episode 45 hiring for profit employees in a nonprofit world (33MB)

During this difficult economy, we’re seeing more and more for-profit executives moving into the non-profit world.  Is it a good idea?  Find out the potential hazards of hiring for-profit leaders for non-profit organizations.

Episode 44:The Power Of A Name

Download episode 44 the power of a name (17MB)

Your organization’s name is the first thing people see, and in an
easily distracted, A.D.D. world, it may be your only opportunity to
make an impact.  Discover why a name can be so critical to your success.

Episode 43:Where Are Your Boundaries?

Download episode 43 Where Are Your Boundaries? (12MB)

Phil Cooke explores boundaries in our professional and personal lives.

Episode 42: The Last TV Evangelist

Download episode 42 The Last TV Evangelist (8MB)

Phil Cooke describes his new book “The Last TV
Evangelist” and discusses the disconnect this generation is
experiencing with traditional religious media.

Episode 41: Is Experience the Biggest Obstacle To Change

Download episode 41 Is Experience the Biggest Obstacle To Change (22 MB)

We normally think of “experience”
as a positive thing.  But sometimes, experience can actually be the
biggest obstacle to change.  Find out how.

Episode 40: Branding is Action

Download episode 40 Branding is Action (14 MB)

Phil Cooke, author of “Branding
Faith” shares the important principles that a brand isn’t just a report
or the result of a meeting.  Your perception is shaped through the
projects, events, media, and other projects you create.  Learn how a
brand is about “doing” – it’s about action.

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